The Texas Chain Saw Wall

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Was A Series Of Brutal Murders Persisting All Across The State From 1969-Present Committed By A Family Of Cannibalistic Maniacs In A Isolated Farmhouse The Case Remains Unsolved And The Death Toll Stands At 59 Unfortunate Youths Traveling Along A Farm Road In South Texas Most Notably The Events On August 18th 1973...

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this indictment is only one of

a series to as result of the respectful investigation. Ray Robbin, in Texas, is this hour top news story... and informant led officers at Muerto County sheriff department... to a cemetery, just outside the small rude Texas community of Newt... ... early this morning. Officers there discovered what appeared to be a grizzly work of art... the remains of a badly decomposed body, wired to a large monument. A second body was found in the ditch near... the perimeter of the cemetery, subsequent investigation has revealed... at least a dozen empty crypts. and it's clear more will turn up as the probe continues. Deputies report that in some instances, only parts of the corpses have been removed. The head, or in some cases... the extremities removed, and... the remainder of the corpse left intact. Evidence indicates... the robberies have occurred over a period of time. Sheriff Rhesus Maldonado refuses to give details... in this case and said only... that he did have a strong evidence linking the crime to... elements outside the state. Area residents have reportedly... converged on the cemetery claiming the remains of relatives have been removed. No suspects are in custody, as investigation at the scene... continues. ...mental hospital and released. A -story-building downtown... Atlanta, collapsed today, killing at least persons The engineering firm responsible could offer no explanation for.. the collapse although the construction firm say there's... no logical reason for the collapse is suspected sabotage. Police in Gary, Indiana, have been unable to identify the... bodies of a young man... and four children who had their features carved away, the man's dimples had been removed Police first identified the victims as women... continuing the program of the government to overwhelm reaches... beyond the Amazon today are ruptured into violence ... Forces of at least three South America governments already have been involved.... ...this territory it tells it's sketchy and yet none of... the governments is involved as its knowledge to a war. ...Police in Dallas arrested a young couple today... complaints by neighbors led them to discover a -month-old daughter the couple... chained in the attic of a dilapidated house... be handed down...


Gallery Of Evedence Photos From The Crime Scene Of The Massacre

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