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The Sawyer family is a cannibalistic family in the first of the many Texas Chainsaw Massacre timelines. In the Texas Chainsaw 3D timeline, they are the worst enemies of the Hartmans.

Its members include:

  • Drayton Sawyer, the cook, and the brother (father in the 3D timeline) of Jedidiah/Bubba, Nubbins, and Chop-Top.
  • Nubbins Sawyer, one of the two eldest brothers, also known as the hitchhiker
  • Chop-Top, Nubbins' twin brother, and a Vietnam soldier.
  • Leatherface , the youngest brother, who usually kills the victims.
  • Grandpa Sawyer, the old and frail father of Drayton and grandfather of Nubbins, Chop-Top, and Leatherface. His grandsons often ask him to kill a victim for them, but he proves too old and frail to do so.
  • Grandma Sawyer, Grandfather's wife. She died an unspecified time before the first films events, although her obese corpse has been preserved by the family and was originally kept in the attic of the Sawyer House.

In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Drayton was the owner of a gas station, Nubbins was a hitchhiker, and Leatherface murdered Kirk, Pam, and Jerry when they entered the Sawyer family's house. He later killed Franklin Hardesty Enright and chased his sister Sally Hardesty, until Drayton took her to his house. Grandpa appeared as a corpse, but when Sally's finger was cut and Grandpa licked the blood, he was revealed to be alive. Drayton said he doesn't take pleasure in killing, instead having his younger brothers do the killing for him. They tried to have Grandpa kill Sally, but he keeps missing her with the hammer due to his old age; Nubbins and Leatherface tried to help him, but Sally took advantage of the opportunity and escaped from them. Nubbins was killed when an 18-wheeler ran him over, and Leatherface was hit with a wrench by the driver, causing him to cut his leg on his chainsaw. In the first movie the it's implied that the family's name is Slaughter, not Sawyer, as on Drayton's gas station the name "W.E. Slaughter" is seen, but it is more likely a joke due to their cannibalistic tendencies.

12 years later, in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, the Sawyers all moved to a new underground house in an abandoned carnival. Drayton was winning awards for making the best chili (unbeknownst to the town, he was using human meat in the chili), and there were more mysterious chainsaw killings by Leatherface. Though no one discovered them at the time, Vanita "Stretch" Brock played the tape recording of the deaths of Buzz and Rick (two victims of Leatherface) on the radio, leading Drayton to sending Leatherface and Chop Top to kill her and her coworker LG. Chop Top mortally wounded LG, but Leatherface fell in love with Stretch, and didn't kill her, telling Chop Top that she was dead (through strange vocal noises, as he does not talk.) Eventually, Lieutenant Lefty Enright attacked Drayton with his chainsaw and dueled Leatherface, impaling him with the chainsaw on the table. Drayton set off a grenade, appearing to kill himself, Leatherface, Grandpa, and Lefty. Chop Top escaped, as he was chasing after Stretch, who later killed him with a chainsaw.

Grandma Sawyer died sometime before the events of the films, and her skeleton was treated as if it were still alive, and in a shrine full of bones, chainsaws, and other macabre decorations. When Stretch grabbed the chainsaw in the second film, Grandma Sawyer's skeleton crumbled and Chop Top yelled "You killed her, you bitch!"

In Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, more family members are shown:

  • Tex Sawyer, a hitchhiker and cowboy, and Leatherface's brother. His real name is Edward. He is the main antagonist in the film.
  • Mama Sawyer, Leatherface's mother.
  • Alfredo Sawyer, a brother of Leatherface.
  • Tinker Sawyer, a brother of Leatherface with a hook for a right hand.
  • Leatherface, referred to as "Junior" by his family.
  • Babi Sawyer, who is the daughter of Leatherface.
  • W.E. Sawyer, the only member of the original family prosecuted for the 1973 massacre, who was sentenced to death in 1981. Mentioned only.

Mama Sawyer was killed by Benny with a rifle, also blowing Tinker's ear off and possibly killing him. Tex was killed when Benny set him on fire, and Alfredo was shot in the chest by Michelle using a shotgun. Leatherface, however, survived, as did the little girl, whose final fate is unknown.

In Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, which takes place five years after Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, they are involved in a conspiracy by the Illuminati. Members of this family are:

  • W.E. Sawyer, now alive. The Next Generation retcons a detail from the previous film by stating that none of the family members were caught. First physical appearance.
  • Vilmer Sawyer, a trucker with a prosthetic leg.
  • Darla Sawyer, Vilmer's girlfriend or wife, and saner than the others.
  • Leatherface, a crossdresser who kills people with a chainsaw. Only referred to as "Leather."

Walter was bashed on the head with a hammer by Vilmer, and was presumably killed. Vilmer's head was split open by an airplane propeller.