Ryan is a character in Leatherface: Texas chainsaw masssacre III. He Serves as the Deuteragonist 


He is the self-centered boyfriend of Michelle but he is good towards her,but can be menancing at times.He is mostly a good personality. In the film he is traveling alongside his girlfriend to Florida to deliver a car to her father.While they are traveling trought Texas they pass a mass grave containing a remains of several butchered bodies, there is police TV cameras etc.By the way they hit an armadillo on the road,Ryan ends armadillo 's sufferness after Michelle refuses to.They stop for a gas at a local service station,where they witness the owner,Alfredo killing a hitchiker named Tex after he was shooting at them.Ryan was previously jelaous at Tex,because he was thinking he was pimping her.They take a route which Tex recomended,an abbandoned deserted road.An unknown driver throws a dead coyote at their windshield,while Ryan is changing a tire Leatherface attacks them with his chainsaw,the two flee the scene,but Leatherface teared off their trunk.Bloodied Tex jumps in front of their car causing them to crashas well as another driver,a survivalist named Benny.Benny introduced himself to Michelle and Ryan before leaving to get help for them and find Tex.Later Ryan was caught in bear trap and started to bleed from his leg,slashed by Leatherface with his chainsaw,hanged on pair of upside -down meathooks and finally he was struck with a large sledgehammer in the head,crashing his skull.After this Ryan finally died.Benny later killed off the cannibals who killed him and saved Michelle from them,after what they leaved.His body probably left hanging on a meat hooks in the cannibals house,they didn 't have time to cook him and eat him as they were killed off by Benny.His body was probably never found and was left to decompose,maybe because nobody believed Benny and Michelle s story about cannibals' in the middle of the forest.In the alternate ending Ryan s body was probably found as sheriff was seen driving Leatherface 's daughter(she was the one who killed Ryan) in a police car,probably arrested,howewer her hands weren 't cuffed(maybe because she is just a child).It is unknown what happened to the corpse after he was killed. Potrayed by William Butler 


Ryan's corpse.