"There are moments when we cannot believe what is happening is really true. Pinch yourself and you may find out that it is."
― Pam reading American Astrology, foreshadowing the massacre to come[src]

Pamela "Pam" is a character from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. She is the third to die on-screen at the hands of the Sawyer Family.


Pam goes with her friends on a road trip across Texas to be sure that her friend's grandfather's grave wasn't a victim of the recent grave robbings. During the trip she reads the horoscope to his friends. Later, they pick up an insane hitchhiker, who is kicked out of the vehicle. The van runs out of gas. Pam goes on a walk with her boyfriend Kirk to find the local swimming hole. They encounter a place with a lot of wrecked cars and an engine is heard. They reach the Sawyers's House where Kirk wanted to get some gas for the van. Pam is skeptical but Kirk goes inside. Pam stays out and Kirk enters and is killed by Leatherface. Pam worries for Kirk and enters the house and finds a room with a lot of bones and furniture made of bones.


She gets sick of it and stumbles into the hallway where Leatherface appears. She attempts to flee but he grabs her and carries her into the slaughterhouse portion of the house and is placed on a meat hook. She then witnesses Kirk being cut with a chainsaw by Leatherface. Leatherface then puts her in a freezer to die. Later, she is found by Jerry (who was searching her and Kirk) and tries to get her out but not before Leatherface appear and kill him. Then she is put back in the freezer never being seen again. She was most likely used in the meal for the dinner.

Pam lives timelineEdit

in this time line she escaped from the freezer while Sally was being tortured and she escaped from the house and made it back to the van and then the highway so Pam lives retcons the original films sequels which state she died.