Tcm 2003 morgan

Morgan Hardesty

Morgan is one of the character in the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and last victim to be killed by Leatherface.

Biography Edit

Morgan was headed to Dallas, Texas along with his friends for a Lynard Skynard concert. When they arrive in Texas they pick up a lonley hitch hicker who shoots herself in there van.

Although Morgan insists they dump the body some where and continue they stop at a butcher shop for help. They are told to meet the sherrif at the crawfor mill which infuriates Morgan even more.

Once they get there they see the sherrif never showed and Erin and Kemper head off to find him. 

Not to long after Sherrif Hoyt arrives and forces Morgan and Andy to dump the body in the trunk of his car. Erin returns claiming that she lost Kemper.

Andy and Erin head back to find Kemper while Morgan and Pepper stay with the van. Erin returns by nightfall alone and frantically screaming. Morgan demands to know what happend just then Hoyt arrives and after finding marijuana forces them all out of the car and onto the ground.

He then forces Morgan back into the van and tells him to re-enact how the girl shot herself giving him a revolver.

Morgan turns the gun on Hoyt and pulls the trigger. But the gun was never loaded and Hoyt puts him in handcuffs and drives off with him in the back of his squad car.

Along the way he bashes him in the face with a glass bottle and throughs him in a puddle off mud before kicking him and forcing him into the Hewitt residence. Erin finds him later on still handcuffed in the basment of the house.

They try to escape through tunnels that run underneath the house. They make it out and run to an abandonned house. With Leatherface in pursuit they hide.

Leatherface enters the room and finds Erin, Morgan comes out from hiding to try and save her but Leatherface lifts him up tangling his handcuffs in the chandelier.

He then revs his chainsaw and slices him through his genitles.

Leatherface killing Morgan