monument man

Monument man

monument man close up

Mounument man is a still rotting skeleton in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre wired to a monument holding another rotting head.He is the corpse from one of the graves that have been robbed by Nubbins.

The corpse appears briefly at the beggining of the film.It was first seen when bulb exploded in darkness reaveling the body parts,Nubbins was taking photos of the corpse after digging it up.Later it appears early in the morning standing on the monument holding another rotting head.

The corpse was probbably removed from the monument and re-buried as well as another bodies that have been removed from the graves by Nubbins.The idenitity of the corpse is unknown.

Notes:The corpse was designed by Tobe Hooper,the director,producer and writer of the film.