Babi Sawyer[citation needed]
Known aliases: Little Girl
Location: Muerto County
Known relatives: The Sawyer Family
Status: Unknown
Year of birth: 1978
Year of death: Unknown
First appearance: Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
Portrayed by: Jennifer Banko

Little Girl is the daughter of the psychotic Leatherface, apparently conceived from the rape of one of his victims; she carries around a dead infant as a doll, which she refers to as "Sally" (a possible reference to Sally Hardesty). In both the rated and unrated versions, her fate is unrevealed. In an alternate ending, she's seen at the end in the back of the Sheriff's car, probably arrested, however, her hands weren't cuffed. In the comics based on the film, no reference is made to Jane being Leatherface's child, with her appearing to be just another one of his relatives, possibly Leatherface, Tex, Tink, and Alfredo's younger sister.[5] She is portrayed by Jennifer Banko.

Leatherface's daughter

Leatherface with his Daughter