Known aliases: None
Location: Unknown
Known relatives: Pamela - (girlfriend)
Status: Deceased
Year of birth: Unknown
Year of death: 1974
First appearance: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Portrayed by: William Vail

Kirkland "Kirk" is a character from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He is the first victim of Leatherface in the whole series, He is the boyfriend of Pam and friends with Jerry, Sally Hardesty and Franklin Hardesty.


Kirk accompanied his girlfriend Pam and friends Jerry and Sally, along with Sally’s brother Franklin, to see if Sally and Franklin’s father had been grave robbed. The group picked up a disturbed hitchiker, though Kirk through him out of the van after the hitchiker attacked Franklin.

They arrived at a gas station to refuel their van, only for the owner to tell them that the station was out of gas. Sally decided the group should go to Sally and Franklin’s old house. While there, Kirk and Pam went to a creek that Franklin told the couple about, only to discover it dried up. Wandering around, Kirk and Pam stumbled upon the Sawyer house. Against Pam’s advice, Kirk went in to see if he could trade his guitar for gas. When he wandered into a room filled with cow skulls, Leatherface bashed Kirk’s head with a sledge hammer.

Notable quotesEdit

"This must be it. The water hole. If Franklin's been a cripple all his life, how do you suppose he got down here in his wheelchair?"
― Kirk[src]