Jenny is the protagonist and only survivor of the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.


Jenny is first seen preparing herself for her prom. In the dance, he takes photos with her boyfriend Sean and picks him, Heather and Barry for a car ride. On the way back to the prom, they crash with a boy who passes out after the accident. She, Barry and Heather go search for help while Sean stays with the boy. They found Darla, an agent working on an insurance office, and ask her for help and Darla calls Vilmer to go to the crash site. Jenny then separates from Heather and Barry and is found by Vilmer, who was passing in his tow truck. He picks her up and scares her with his madness and then he shows her the bodies of Sean and the boy (who had been killed by Vilmer) in the back of the truck, which make her escape the vehicule and run to the wood. After she loses Vilmer, she looks for help and Leatherface appears and starts chasing her with a chainsaw. Jenny arrives at the Sawyer's house and takes shelter in. She later escapes the house and loses Leatherface She arrives at Darla's office scared and asking for help. Darla calls W.E. who ties up Jenny in the back of Darla's car. When she arrives home, Jenny is tortured by Vilmer and told by Darla that the family is part of a goverment conspiration. In a brief moment when the family is fighting, she grabs W.E.'s shotgun and held the family at gunpoint. Vilmer confronts her and stoles the gun from her. Jenny gets out the house and enters in Darla's car to escape but she is captured by Vilmer, who later knocks her out. At dinner, she is dressed with one of Darla's clothes and gets woken up by Vilmer. She gets scared by the bodies in the dinner table and then makes Vilmer go insane. When Rothman arrives, he licks Jenny's face and corroborates Jeny's doubts about the conspiration. When she about to be killed, she makes Vilmer and Leatherface distract, escape the house and gets persuited by them. She is then picked up by a couple of old people who were riding an RV while she is being chased by Leatherface. After Vilmer makes the RV crash, Jenny escapes the vehicule and starts running. While she is escaping, she sees Vilmer's murder and is picked up by Rothman, who brings her to a hospital, where she encounters Sally Hardesty, the survivor of the first film.

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