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Jenny is the main protagonist of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. She attends her high school prom with her friend, Sean, best friend Heather, and Heather's boyfriend, Barry, only for them to run afoul of the Slaughter family.


The film begins as Jenny prepares for her high school's prom, before she is picked up by her date, a boy named Sean. Another version of the film has Jenny preparing for the prom, only to be interrupted by her abusive stepfather. Jenny and Sean attend prom in a group with Jenny's best friend, Heather, and Heather's boyfriend, Barry. Jenny is revealed to be somewhat of a shrinking violet when Heather compliments her physical appearance, though Jenny does whatever she can to cover herself up, appearing mousy and demure.

The group leave the prom when Heather discovers Barry kissing another girl; while driving, Heather becomes distracted during an argument with Barry, resulting in a collision with another vehicle. The other motorist falls unconscious as a result of the crash, and Jenny, Heather, and Barry leave to search for help, while Sean stays behind with the driver. The three manage to get help from a trashy woman named Darla, who works as an insurance agent, with her office being a rural trailer in the woods. Darla calls up her tow-trucker boyfriend, Vilmer, to tow the wreckage, before sending the teens on their way. However, Jenny becomes separated from Heather and Barry; meanwhile Vilmer arrives at the scene of the accident, where he snaps the unconscious motorist's neck, before running down Sean in his truck. Jenny arrives back at the scene of the accident, while Barry simultaneously is killed by Leatherface, before capturing and impaling Heather on a meat hook.

Vilmer offers Jenny a ride, which she accepts, only for him to threaten her, before showing her the corpses of Sean and the dead motorist. Jenny manages to escape Vilmer, only to be ambushed by Leatherface, who pursues her through the woods and to the Sawyer farmhouse. Following a lengthy chase, Jenny runs back to Darla's office, only to discover Darla is in cahoots with the Sawyer family. Soon after, Leatherface and Vilmer's other brother, W.E., arrives, beating Jenny unconscious with an electric cattle prod. W.E. and Darla place Jenny in the truck of Darla's car, bringing her back to the house, where Vilmer and Leatherface torture her and a barely conscious Heather. After holding the family at gunpoint and nearly escaping in Darla's car, Jenny is captured once again, Vilmer knocks Jenny unconscious, only for her to awaken some time later, dressed in one of Darla's gowns at a dinner table, surrounded by a family of corpses and the transvestite Leatherface. Jenny begs Darla for help, only to be rebuffed; Darla explains the Sawyers work for the government, and that a chip has been implanted in her skull that will explode if she tries to escape them. Angered by the family's antics, Jenny attempts to stand up to Vilmer, who reacts angrily, attacking Darla and seemingly killing W.E. with a hammer.

A mysterious man in black named Rothman arrives, interrupting the dinner and seemingly corroborating Darla's story. He scolds Vilmer for keeping Jenny alive for so long, before revealing a disturbing array of body modifications and piercings. Rothman leaves, and a visibly distraught Vilmer kills Heather by crushing her skull. A melee ensues, in which Jenny is able to escape to a nearby road, with Vilmer and Leatherface in hot pursuit. An elderly couple in an RV rescue Jenny, but Vilmer and Leatherface appear, running the RV off the road and causing it to turn over. Jenny escapes from the wreckage unharmed, while a small plane swoops down overhead. Vilmer and Leatherface pursue Jenny on foot, only for the plane to swoop down low, the wheel striking Vilmer's skull, seemingly killing him. Leatherface wails in agony over his brother's death, while Jenny escapes in the backseat of a limousine.

Inside, Jenny encounters Rothman, who explains that the ordeal was supposed to be a spiritual experience that went horribly awry due to Vilmer's mishandling of victims, which resulted in his death. He drops Jenny off at a nearby hospital, where a police officer interviews her. Jenny becomes distracted by the appearance of a catatonic woman on a gurney, who is implied to be Sally Hardesty, the survivor of the first film. The women exchange looks, acknowledging the horrors they have encountered.