"I'm not going Eric!" -Dean to Eric after being caught attempting to burn his draft card on the highway

Dean A. Hill is a character appearing in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning portrayed by Taylor Handley.

He is the younger brother of Eric, boyfriend of Bailey and Chrissie's future brother in law.

He is presumably the youngest member of the group.

He was in the month of July 1969 drafted to accompany his brother to Vietnam War to participate in the war though had originally planned along with his girlfriend Bailey on ditching to Mexico which Eric's girlfriend Chrissie knew of, supported, encouraged and kept hidden from Eric.

Dean was the third overall victim to be killed after experiencing the madness of the Hewitt residence though initially was the fifth victim overall in their first massacre in Travis County.

He was ultimatley the third victim of Thomas Hewitt/The Infamous Leatherface killer of the family.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The BeginningEdit

Dean A. Hill first appears in the film inside him and Bailey's Texas motel room bound to the bed by Bailey who attempts to engage him in sexual activity.

He however unbinds himself and refutes her advances claiming he's just stressed over the whole ordeal of having to tell his brother Eric that he won't be accompanying him to Vietnam for the war but rather skipping off to Mexico with her.

Dean is then told they are ready to depart and is soon off being driven through Travis County by Eric who keeps bringing up the subject of the Vietnam War until they are interrupted by a group of bikies who bang at the jeep and fool with the driver's sideview mirror.

The group stop at Luda Mae's gas station following and while Bailey and Chrissie enter Dean engages in conversation with Eric once again about the Vietnam War.

The group then come to depart as the bikie gang are at the gas station and have frightened Chrissie and Bailey.

As they take to the road Dean attempts to burn his draft card in the backseat with Bailey but only partially burns it as Eric seizes it.

He tells Eric he's not going and argues with him about what he hears him say in his sleep about his former time over there and asks how he could want that for him.

He is then seized in a head lock as Eric protests he's only going back for him.

The group are then terrorized by a female bikie from earlier who attempts to pull them over for a roadside robbery but is fired upon Eric who then accelerates and attempts to get away.

The jeep however makes collision with a cow which has wandered onto the road and the jeep is flung onto the side of the road.

Dean has minor cuts on the side of the face whilest Bailey has a glass shard embedded in her side.

Eric is put at gun point by the bikie who is then killed by an arriving Sheriff who then finds Dean's draft card and orders them all to get into his vehicle.

Dean is then taken with Bailey and Eric to the Hewitt residence where he witnesses Thomas Hewitt withdraw the corpse of the bikie who attempted to rob them on the highway.

He on the car ride there as Eric posed as Dean to save him from persuction from the psycho Sheriff Hoyt appeases him by relinqueshing details about time he has formerly served in Vietnam fighting the Cong, details and information he has learnt from Eric.

As Bailey is taken inside Dean and Eric are strung up on cattle holders in the barn and Eric is nearly suffocated to death by Sheriff Hoyt after he is hosed down with them both being referred to as cattle.

Dean then confesses his true identity to Sheriff Hoyt so as to have his brother's life spared and is then pulled out onto the field outside where he is told to commence in 90 push-ups if he wishes to leave.

With each push up Dean performs he is taunted, whipped and kicked by Sheriff Hoyt which by the final push up leaves him completely destroyed with injuries.

Eric however releases himself and sets Dean on his way as he goes to rescue Bailey from inside the house.

Dean however comes to step into a concealed bear-trap as Bailey is saved from the house and Eric attempts to buy them a diversion.

Ultimatley Bailey, Eric and himself are all brought back and Eric is left outside with the bear-trap.

Chrissie after the bikie's boyfriend Holden takes her to the Hewitt residence back from the highway comes to him and then proceeds on inside to rescue Bailey and Eric.

Chrissie fails however after Eric is killed and in an attempt upstairs to release and save Bailey is ultimatley rendered unconsious by Sheriff Hoyt and captured.

Dean then too is rendered unconsious and brought inside where he relinqueshed of the bear-trap.

He is positioned in the dining room at the dining room table on the right side left to a disorientated but consious Bailey.

Chrissie is consious and strapped down at the end of the table pushing back and forth attempting to escape.

Bailey is killed right beside Dean whilest he is unconsious as her throat is slit open by a pair of scissors beside Dean's head.

Soon after Chrissie is being dragged away by Thomas and escapes the house prompting the family away from the dining room Dean regains consiousness and sees Bailey's body.

He then surprises Sheriff Hoyt on the front porch and renders him to the ground.

He then carries out a similiar punishment dealt to him earlier with his push-ups as he forces Sheriff Hoyt's head up and down onto the porch smashing out his upper front row of teeth.

Dean then runs off in pursuit of Chrissie who is being chased by Leatherface Thomas and comes to the Lee Bros. Abbattoirs.


Dean death by Leatherface

There he distracts Thomas by attacking him and saves Chrissie temporarily ultimatley dying in her place as he hoists him up with his chainsaw plunging it through his back out his front.