Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre III 13

Alfredo Sawyer is a brother of Leatherface, and a cannibal. He only appeared in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.

Alfredo is the owner of the Last Chance Gas Station. He is also a pervert, and spies on people (such as Michelle) through a hole in the wall of the washroom. He got into a fight with his brother Tex Sawyer, faking his death by supposedly shooting him with a shotgun.

Alfredo was later disposing of the bodies of Leatherface's victims by throwing them into a bog, when he encounteredBenny, who asked him for information on the cannibals. When he refused to cooperate, Benny threw him into the bog, where he supposedly drowned.

However, he later returned to attack Michelle and Benny with his sledgehammer, but was killed when Michelle shot him in the chest with a shotgun.

In an alternate version, he did not return in the final scene, instead drowning when Benny threw him into the bog.


Alfredo's corpse

Alfredo says that he is the dog of the family because he is always cleaning his family mess. He also worked in the slaughterhouse but he lost his job and went insane. Alfredo almost always speaks with a strong language and insults his family, especially Tex.

Portrayed by Tom Everett